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Kisah Kecerdasan Kejayaan

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

Hari ini saya ingin bercerita suatu kisah tentang kecerdasan kejayaan oleh Robert J. Sternberg dan Elena L. Grinko...Ceritanya begini...

Kisah Kecerdasan Kejayaan

Two boys are walking in a forest. The two boy are quite different. The first boy's teacher think he is smart, his parent think he is smart, an a result, he think is smart. He has excellent scores on both and achievement test, excellent grades and other notable paper credentials that should take him far in his scholastic life.

Few people consider the second boy to be smart. His test scores are nothing special, his grades are not great, and his other credentials, although satisfactory, are not notable. At best, people would call him shrewd or street smart.

As two boys walk through the forest, the encounter a problem: A huge, ferocious, hungry-looking grizzly bear will overtake them in 17.3 seconds. This is an impressive feat, given the strain they are under. Not only does this boy know the Distances=Rate x Time formula, but he is able to apply it under great duress. The second boy never would be able to calculate the number of seconds until impact, and never would try.

The first boy, panicking, looks over at the second boy, who is taking off his hiking boots and putting on jogging shoes. The first boy says to the second boy, "You must be crazy. There is no way are going to outrun that grizzly bear!"The second boy replies,"That's true. But all I have to do is outrun you."

Outcome is that the first boy becomes the grizzly bear's lunch, and the second boy jogs off the safety. The first boy, obviously, is conventionally intelligent; the second boy is successfully intelligence.

Every people can be success!

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